Why George foreman Grills are better

Exclusive Fat Reducing Design

The difference starts with our patented slope. George Foreman revolutionized grilling by making it easy to remove the fat. Every George Foreman grill is set at an optimal angle that allows fat to drain away as you cook—without drying out your food.

The slight angle on your grill ensures food stays moist, with up to 43% less fat. You get the same meal you would from another contact grill with less fat and more flavor.

To work with the slope, George Foreman grills also feature a unique fat-draining design that allows them to make better, healthier meals. The ribs and channels you see on the grill plates are specially designed to a specific space and height. This allows the fat and grease to drain without completely drying out your food—particularly meats.

As your food cooks, the fat drains easily down the channels of the plates into a fat-catching drip tray. This design lets you remove the fat without any extra work.

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George Tough™ Nonstick Plates

Our George Tough™ nonstick cooking plates allow you to cut butter, oil and cooking spray for healthier meals. The nonstick surface is specially designed to prevent sticking—even on delicate foods like fish and vegetables. This allows you to avoid adding fat to food just to get it to cook properly.

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Better Heat for Even Grilling

George Foreman grills also use a special heat source that lets you cook more food at once with better results. Rather than using coils, your George Foreman grill has a solid heating plate to offer better heat from the center to the sides of the cooking surface, so you can fit more portions.

This heating system also allows for faster temperature recovery, which means your grill plate heats back up faster after you place cold food on the cooking surface. This ensures a better crust on your meats and better results in all your dishes.

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Practical Controls to Fit Your Needs

With the wide array of George Foreman grills available, you can get as much or a little control as you need to make all your grilled favorites at home with ease.

You can get a grill that's simply cooks your food without any programming. For more precise results, variable temperature control lets you adjust the heat to suit a variety of foods. Time control allows you to keep track of cooking even on your busiest nights, while digital controls offer electronic convenience as you grill.

Easy Cleanup

The least fun part of making any meal is the cleanup. With that in mind, George Foreman makes cleanup as easy as possible with features like dishwasher-safe accessories and removable plates. This way, you can let the grill cool, toss everything in the dishwasher with your dinnerware and cleanup is done.

More Options in Countertop Grilling

Grilled meat is great—but as variety is the spice of life, so it is with countertop grilling. With all the different variety of foods that can be cooked on a countertop grill, George Foreman makes grills that let you do more in the same space.

Interchangeable cooking plates let you cook more food on your grill without taking up a lot of space in your kitchen. You can grill, griddle, bake and more without needing multiple appliances that crowd your kitchen. You get a whole menu of cooking options to please your family with just one appliance.

  Food for thought, what can you do with your George Foreman?